Judy Mathews

RN Care Manager
Brief info

Judith Mathews moved to Florida from New England in 2019. She and her partner are motorcycle enthusiasts and enjoy traveling. Judith is a sportswoman, with interests in fishing, hunting, trapshooting, nature, and Native American culture. She graduated from Becker College, Massachusetts, and has earned a degree in physical therapy & nursing and has worked in healthcare for >26 years, most of it homecare, with a specialty in the adult/senior care.

Besides promoting health to her patients, the most rewarding aspect of her work is helping to keep the elderly safe in their home alone or with their family.

The most challenging part of homecare is using what few supplies you sometimes have to provide treatments.
Judith has the clinical skills and expertise to be resourceful.
Her passion is to provide quality care to the best of her ability while being friendly & professional.

Judith also is an advocate and educator for Alzheimer’s disease.

Judy is known for her easy smile and love of dance.

“The best part of each workday is meeting all sorts of people in their home environment and listening to their stories. It’s fascinating to see so many strategies of survival.”

~Judith Mathews, RN