Gary Rogers

I’m older, cranky and perhaps a bit of a curmudgeon, but let me tell you about a ray of sunshine that came into my family’s life just when we needed it most…Susan Mahoney, R.N.

My Mom, in her late eighties, though living independently was most likely clinically depressed and somewhat of a recluse. She was intelligent, a voracious reader and well versed in a multitude of different areas. Though her mind remained as sharp as a tack, her body was riddled by arthritis, bad knees, little muscle tone, a week heart and spinal stenosis. We were at our wits end as my mother flatly refused assisted living. As fate would have it, my wife who works in retail, met Susan Mahoney, R.N. One conversation led to another and shortly after meeting Ms. Mahoney, my wife was introducing my Mom to someone who could potentially be a part-time caregiver in the home.

Fiercely independent and not wanting to be a burden, my mother was always resistant to anyone helping her. Ms. Mahoney quickly won her over and Susan became not only caregiver, but a genuine friend of the family who was always there when needed. The end result was that in the final year of her life, my mother was happier, had intelligent company and care, providing her a quality of life that had long been missing.

Given my mother’s deteriorating physical condition, it was reassuring for us to have someone, educated and trained to evaluate patients who complain of specific ailments, monitor and dispense prescription medications based on instructions from physicians, etc. Susan is impeccably organized, compassionate, knowledgeable and easily establishes a rapport with others. She is wonderful company and a genuinely caring individual.

My Mom often said to me, “Make new friends, keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”. My Mom’s “silver” (Susan Mahoney, R.N.) became our “gold”.

I would heartily recommend Susan Mahoney for any position seeking a compassionate caregiver with a medical background. She is excellent.